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About Pet Natural Farm

At Pet Natural Farm, we hold a firm belief that our pets deserve nothing but the best. This encompasses not only their nutrition but also the safety and sustainability of their playtime. That's why we take pride in presenting a diverse range of all-natural dog chews, safety chew holders, and toys selected for the well-being of your pet and the planet.

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Rita Pet Natural Farm founder hugging her three dogs

Meet Rita Chahoud

The heart and soul behind Pet Natural Farm

Eight years ago, her journey began with two charming puppies, Bruno & Sydney-Jane, whose vitality was overshadowed by health issues from poor breeding. As a devoted pet parent, Rita was determined to find the cleanest, healthiest, and most sustainable ways to enhance her pets' emotional and mental well-being.

In her pursuit of bettering the lives of her beloved furry companions, Rita collaborated tirelessly with veterinarians and professionals, seeking the best advice to ensure her pets thrived. This dedication and passion culminated in the creation of Pet Natural Farm—a testament to Rita's years of research and decades of expertise gained in global companies and adhering to global best practices.

Pet Natural Farm is Rita's way of sharing the fruits of her extensive knowledge, providing top-quality chews at locally affordable prices. Rita, currently the proud parent of Bruno the Pom, Sydney-Jane the Maltese, and Andie the Cavapoo, extends her compassion beyond her own pets. She has played a crucial role in TNR efforts and rehoming numerous dogs and cats in Dubai. With Pet Natural Farm, Rita continues her mission of promoting the well-being of pets and enriching their lives with premium, locally accessible products.

Meet Dr. Myra Tabet

The Head Veterinary Nutritionist at Pet Natural Farm and Founder of Dr. Paw Veterinary Clinic.

Her profound love for dogs traces back to the age of 8 when Max, a German Shepherd rescue, became her first best friend and partner in crime. The heartbreak of losing Max at 10 due to a misdiagnosis ignited Myra's determination to ensure superior care for her future furry companions.
Surrounded by rescues throughout her life, Myra's commitment to pet well-being deepened with each unique bond formed.

Her journey in veterinary sciences began with high distinction at the American University of Beirut, followed by a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Szent Istvan University in Budapest and a PhD from USEK. Seeking to expand her expertise, she earned a postgraduate certificate in Animal Nutrition from Glasgow University, Scotland.

Myra's personal and professional life revolves around her passion for animals. As a devoted wife and proud mother of baby Marc, her commitment to pets remains unwavering. She values the unique, unconditional love that pets provide, setting it apart from human affection.

In her role as the Head Veterinary Nutritionist of Pet Natural Farm, Myra combines modern science with a decade of studies and practice. She is a crucial asset, ensuring that all Pet Natural Farm products are meticulously designed to enhance dogs' well-being, offering the highest quality dog chews.

Dr. Myra Tabet sitting on a couch with a dog
a dog with a pet natural farm bully stick in its mouth

Our Promise to You and Your Pets

Pet Natural Farm, born from the personal journeys of Rita and Myra, is fueled by their genuine love for animals. Together, they are dedicated to providing premium products that prioritize the health and happiness of your furry companions.

Pet Natural Farm stands as a beacon of hope and quality in the world of pet care. Inspired by Rita's journey and reinforced by Dr. Tabet’s expertise, we promise to deliver products that not only delight your pets but also contribute to their overall well-being and health.

Join us in this journey of love, care, and commitment to the joy and wellness of our beloved animal companions.

We understand the importance of providing wholesome options that contribute to your pet's health, ensuring a happy and fulfilling life for your beloved companions.

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